Create your image maker

Haven’t you ever wanted to create an icon maker or character maker with your own illustrations?
Picrew Creator can help you create image makers by simply uploading your images.

By creating and publishing your image maker on Picrew, you can entertain many people with your work!


*Check out guidelines for posting derivative works or fan art from the link below.
Picrew Guideline

How to create image makers

Creating image makers requires all sorts of tasks, such as making plans and drawing pictures.
Don’t expect to create a perfect one from the beginning; it may leave you swamped with work, and you might end up giving up along the way.

We recommend that you first create a simple image maker. You can always add more items or change settings after publishing your work.
Check out this page from the basics to the advanced, and start making your own image maker right away.

For more information on Picrew Creator function, click the link below. This link may help you solve your questions.
List of Creator functions


Basic knowledge on image makers

A step-by-step guide on how to create image makers

Creating images for image makers


Create your Fortune-Telling image maker


Create your Animal Icon Maker Part 1

Create your Animal Icon Maker Part 2 – Using left-right paired parts


Adding more particular settings (Color Palette, and Rules)

Setting the scope of permission

Creators can choose the scope of permission on the images generated by their image maker.
Choose how you would like your images to be used from the following list.

1. Personal Users may use the image within the scope of Non-Commercial and Personal Use (Without exceeding the scope of 2.Non-Commercial Use) This includes using the image as social media icons, header images, personal sites/blogs, printing for personal use, etc.
2. Non-Commercial Users may use the image for non-commercial purposes as well as for personal use.
This includes using applications or web services for third-party use, printing materials for distribution, etc.
However, even if it is for Non-Commercial use, you may not use the image as the main image.
3. Commercial Users may use the image for commercial purposes, including websites and printed materials.
However, the image shall not be used as the main image.
4. Processing Users may process images by changing color, adding lines, etc..

Note that regardless of the creator’s description, playing with image makers, downloading images, and sharing images on social media are permitted for all image makers.

Prohibited matters

  • Creating image makers that are against public order and morals, including violent, discriminatory, and slanderous content.
  • Uploading images that infringe others’ rights, etc.

Please read Picrew Terms of Use for more details.

Notes on suspending the publication of image makers

We may suspend the publication of image makers that fall under any of the categories below.
Please note in advance that we do not provide individual responses regarding the criteria for suspension.

  • Those that violate Picrew Terms of Use
  • Those that appear to be incomplete
    • Those with very few items
    • Those with items that cannot be combined properly
    • Those with images that appear to be doodles or trial drawings, such as simple shapes or randomly drawn line art, etc.
  • Those that have items with extremely low creativity
    • Those that simply display images distributed on the internet, etc.
  • Those that are created with unclear intention
  • Those that do not necessarily have to be image makers
  • Those that seem to be testing systems
  • Those which state that sharing, downloading, or playing the image maker is prohibited.
    • Those which state that it prohibits use by everyone except a specific person.
    • Those which state that it is for “personal use” or “a community’s exclusive use,” etc.

To view the image maker in progress, click “Preview” on the creator’s screen.
You will be able to check its finished form before it is published.