【Beginners】Create your Fortune-Telling image maker

Let’s make a Fortune-Telling Image Maker with Picrew!
Fortune-telling, also called Omikuji in Japan, is about forecasting the person’s near future by picking a slip of paper. It is similar to fortune-telling cookies.
Use Picrew’s Random Maker feature to create Fortune-Telling Image Makers.

This is how the generated images will look like.

Fortune-Telling Image Makers can be made with a relatively small number of image materials compared to Character Makers.
This might be the best choice to start with for beginners.

Components of the image maker

The image maker consists of the following parts

Parts Number of items Number of layers Number of colors
Background Part 1 1 1
Types of Fortune Part 5 1 1
Overall Luck Part 5 1 1

Images to prepare

For each part, prepare the images as in the list.

Parts Number of images Size
Background Part 1 600 × 600px
Types of Fortune Part 5 600 × 600px
Overall Luck Part 5 600 × 600px


*The dotted line expresses the image size. It is not drawn on the image.
*The background for Types of Fortune and Overall Luck is transparent.

In this example, five variations for Types of Fortune and five variations for Overall Luck have been prepared.
You can make any number of variations but make sure you prepare more than two.

If you are finished with your images, now it is time for you to create a Fortune-Telling Image Maker with Picrew Creator.