【Beginners】Create your Fortune-Telling image maker

Now it’s time to use Picrew Creator to create your Fortune-Telling Image Maker!


Log in to your Picrew Creator screen in your browser and follow the steps below.

  1. Create a new image maker
  2. Add and setup parts
  3. Add items
  4. Upload images
  5. Preview
  6. Edit Image Maker Details
  7. Release

Create a new image maker

To create a new image maker, enter a name and select Random Maker.

Choose a simple name for now, as it can be changed later.

Add and setup parts

Add the following parts.

Name Type
Background Part Standard
Types of Fortune Part Standard
Overall Luck Part Standard


In this example, the items of all parts are created at 600px × 600px.
Therefore, the position (top-left corner) can be left at 0 px for both X and Y axes.

Parts X Y
Background Part 0px 0px
Types of Fortune Part 0px 0px
Overall Luck Part 0px 0px


Add items

Enter the number of items that are necessary and add them.
When you create a new part, one item will be registered from the beginning, so the number of items you need to add will be the necessary number minus one.

Name Number of items added
Background Part 0
Types of Fortune Part 4
Overall Luck Part 4


Upload images

After you add the items, upload the Item Images.

How to upload Item Images

In Random Makers, players do not get to select items. So for now, we do not need to prepare Item Icons.


Once all the images have been uploaded, don’t forget to check the preview screen.
The preview screen is like the actual player’s screen, and you can check the image maker’s operations.

Make sure the items are positioned correctly and not overlapped, etc.

Edit Image Maker Details

If your preview screen looks good to go, let’s get ready to publish your image maker.

Name of your image maker Name your piece of work
Description Write a brief description of your image maker and how you want it to be played.
Image Maker Icon Picrew’s top page.The image should be simple so that the players can get an idea of what the generated images would be like.
Permitted uses Select the permission scope of your image maker. Any other requests to the users should be notified in the description section.



Now your Fortune-Telling Image Maker is ready to be published.

To reflect the setup and allow the players to play with your image maker in Picrew, you have to “release” it.
This applies to other items and settings that you may add in the future. Please note that the changes you have made will not be reflected in Picrew unless you “release” them (there are a few exceptions)

【Function】Releasing image makers


Now your Fortune-Telling Image Maker can be played on Picrew!
Try it out and share it on social media.

Great job!