Learn how to play with Picrew

On our site, you can enjoy playing with various image makers created by our Creators.
Find your favorite image maker and try out fortune-telling games, dressing up characters, and other games.

Rules to follow

Picrew-generated images may only be used within the scope set by Picrew and our Creators

A Creator may select his/her preferred permission scope from the following choices. He/she may also include requests to users in the description section.
Before playing with any image maker, please check the usage guidelines and follow the creator’s requests.

1. Personal Users may use the image within the scope of Non-Commercial and Personal Use (Without exceeding the scope of 2.Non-Commercial Use) This includes using the image as social media icons, header images, personal sites/blogs, printing for personal use, etc.
2. Non-Commercial Users may use the image for non-commercial purposes as well as for personal use.
This includes using applications or web services for third-party use, printing materials for distribution, etc.
However, even if it is for Non-Commercial use, you may not use the image as the main image.
3. Commercial Users may use the image for commercial purposes, including websites and printed materials.
However, the image shall not be used as the main image.
4. Processing Users may process images by changing color, adding lines, etc..

Note that regardless of the creator’s description, playing with image makers, downloading images, and sharing images on social media are permitted for all image makers.
However, please remember to follow the rules for use at all times.

Definition of commercial use

Any direct or indirect activities for financial gain are, whether individual or entity, considered as commercial use.
The following are just some usage examples. Any description stated under each image maker regarding the permission scope shall take precedence.

Examples of Commercial Use

  • The act of selling designs using Picrew-generated images
  • Using Picrew-generated images on corporate websites, corporate-operated social media, etc.
  • Using Picrew-generated images for profit-oriented services, events, etc.
  • Using Picrew-generated images on websites, applications, etc. that have affiliated links*1
  • Using Picrew-generated images on websites, applications, etc. that allow the poster to receive donations from live broadcasting*2

*1 This does not apply to cases where the service operator, such as a rental blog, has set up an affiliate, etc., and no money or other benefits are accrued by the Picrew users.
*2 This shall be considered commercial use regardless of the actual amount of money received. Receiving methods (cash, points, goods, etc.) and terms (donations, gifts, etc.) do not matter.


Picrew-generated images can be used in the following cases even if commercial use is not permitted.

  • When the images are used appropriately in accordance with the law, for example, by meeting the quotation requirements.
  • When a creator uses his/her own image commercially (The copyright belongs to the creators. We do not restrict any activities other than in Picrew.)
    • Ex: When a corporate creates a Picrew-image maker and uses those images on their corporate website, application, etc.
    • Ex: When an illustrator creates a Picrew-image maker and uses those images to create and sell LINE stamps and other goods.

Prohibited Matters

  • Using images against public order and morals, such as in adult, violent, discriminatory, and slanderous content.
  • Redistributing the Picrew-generated images, either as-is or processed.
  • Misleading the public into believing that the copyright of the Picrew-generated images are owned by someone other than the creator
    • Ex: Misleading the public into believing that the user created the Picrew-generated images from scratch.
    • Ex: Posting Picrew-generated images as the user’s main work on social media for illustrators.
  • Selling or distributing products or goods that feature the image as the main image.
    *This refers to products or goods that place most of the value on the image
    Ex: Postcards, can badges and other goods, standby images, design templates, etc.

Please visit Picrew Terms of Use for more details.

How to play with the Dress-Up Maker

The Dress-Up Maker is a type of image maker where you can freely replace images, just like changing clothes for dolls.
You can create your unique image by combining the items you like.

You can find more information on the functions of Dress-Up Makers below.

Item selection

Select a part and then the item.
The item can be removed if the “×” button is displayed.

Color selection

You can choose a color from the color variation.
If there are no color variations, this part will not be displayed.


You can use the controller to adjust the position and size of parts.
If the part is not adjustable, this part will not be displayed.

The Reset button on the control panel resets controller settings for the selected part. (The position and size will return to the initial state)
Other parts or colors will not be affected.


All Random

Items, colors, and controller settings are set up randomly.
Items and colors can be reselected after clicking the button.

Items Random

Only the items and colors are set up randomly.
Controller settings such as position, rotation, and size will not be changed.
Items and colors can be reselected after clicking the button.

Reset All

Reset all image maker settings to the default value.

Please note that once you click “All Random,” “Items Random,” or “Reset All,” the previous image cannot be restored.
“All Random” and “Items Random” may not appear, depending on the creator’s settings.


Click the “Finish” button when you have finished creating your image.
The image can be shared on social media and downloaded for other use.

How to play with Random Maker

A Random Maker is a type of image maker where images are created randomly.
You can also enjoy features such as fortune-telling.

Press start to create an image randomly.

Click the “Finish” button when your image is complete.
You can play with the same image maker again.

Please refer to the Dress-Up Maker section for more information regarding finished images (the same applies to Random Makers)
If you find any recommendable image players, don’t forget to share them with your friends!


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