【Intermediate】Create your Animal Icon Maker Part 1

Let’s try making Icon Makers with image-maker Picrew.
To create Icon Makers, we use the Dress-Up Maker function.

Let’s create an Animal Icon Maker that generates images like these below.

A face is made up of several components. The layers have to be arranged in a particular order, and it is perfect for intermediate-level creators who want to gain more experience.
Once you finish your work, the generated images are perfect for social network icons and will be an image maker enjoyed by many users. If you have completed the beginner’s level and feel comfortable with Picrew’s operations, try this one out!!

Components of the image maker

This time you will need to prepare the following parts.
It is better to decide whether to use the zooming function before exporting your image so you can prepare the double-sized image beforehand.

Parts Number of items Number of layers Number of colors Zooming
Hat Part 3 1 1
Eye Part 3 1 1  –
Mouth Part 3 1  1 あり 
Ear Part 3 2 3
Face Part 3 1 3
Background Part 3 1 1

Layering order

The layers should be placed in the following order.
There are two Ear Parts for this image maker: one that goes in front and the other behind the Face Part. Therefore, the Ear Part is separated into two layers.

Images to prepare

The following equation will tell you how many images you need to prepare.
Number of items × Number of layers × Number of colors

Parts Number of images Size Remarks
Hat Part  3 600 × 320px  
Eye Part 3 338 × 130px  
Mouth Part  3 300 × 188px

Export the images at double size for parts where you want to use the zooming function.
(*The original size for the mouth part is 150 × 94px)

Ear Part  18 600 × 320px All images that belong to the same part should be created in the same size, even if there are multiple layers.
Face Part  9 600 × 600px  
Background Part 3 600 × 600px  

*All sample images below are drawn at a 1/2 scale.

Parts with a single color, without zooming

Parts with a single color, with zooming

Parts with three colors, without zooming

Parts with three colors, with two layers


Now all the Item Images have been prepared.