【Function】Uploading Item Icon images

Item Icon images can be uploaded from the Item list screen for each part or from the bulk upload screen.
Item Icons will appear on the image maker’s Item Selection panel, and you will need an Item Icon for each item.

However, Item Icons are unnecessary for Random Makers since the items are selected randomly and there is no selection panel.

Upload individually

Choose and click the Item Icon image from the item list.

Select whether or not to crop the image and then upload the image from your PC.

About cropping

You can also select whether to crop the Item Icon image during the uploading process.

Upload as it is

Display the uploaded image without cropping.

Crop the transparent areas

Crop the surrounding transparent areas of the uploaded image.
This function will allow you to use the Item Images as Item Icon Images too.

Bulk upload

Advance preparation

When you create an image on your PC, the image’s file name should be the same as the Item’s number.
(*Numbers do not have to be zero-padded. 1.png and 0001.png will be considered as the same number)

What to do on Picrew Creator

  1. Select “Bulk upload Icon Images” on the Bulk upload screen.
  2. Choose whether to crop the images or not.
  3. Drag and drop the icon images.
  4. Upload them

An error will occur if the file name contains characters other than numbers or if the number has no corresponding item.
Please check the item list and try again.