【Advanced】Adding more particular settings (Color Palette, and Rules)

Let’s look at some more particular settings that are more advanced.
You can learn about the Color Palette and Rule Function on this page.

How do I choose the same color for several parts at once?

If your character had a Front Hair Part and a Back Hair Part, wouldn’t it be nice if you could change the color of both parts at once?

Try out the Color Palette Function.
It can be useful in keeping the same color for different items, like the Hair or Skin Parts.

How to use the Color Palette Function
【Function】Color Palette

How can I stop selecting Item A and Item B simultaneously?

Some items look odd when they are selected simultaneously, for example, the combination of a “hair bun” and “hat” might look awkward if they are chosen at the same time.

The Item Rule Function will prevent certain items from being selected simultaneously.
If you use this function in the example given above, the “hair bun” will automatically be deselected if you choose the “hair bun” and then the “hat.”

Creating a wide range of items is fun, but you may sometimes have items disturbing each other. This function will help prevent that from happening.

How to use: Rules for Items
【Function】Item Rule

How can I stop selecting Part A and Part B simultaneously?

The Part Rule Function and the Item Rule Function will prevent certain parts from being selected simultaneously.

For example, if items of a Bottoms Part and a Dress Part are selected simultaneously, they will overlap and look awkward. The Part Rule Function will prevent this from happening.

While the Item Rule Function is applied to each item, the Part Rule Function is applied to the whole part.
In the example above, if you select a Dress Part item after the Bottoms Part item, all the Bottoms Part items will be deselected.
*It depends on the setup.

Try out this function along with the Item Rule Function!

How to use: Rules for Parts
【Function】Part Rule Function