What is Picrew?

Picrew is a service where you can create and play with image makers.
The generated images can be downloaded free of charge and can be shared on social media.

What is the “Play” function?

The Play function can be used to combine parts and generate images or characters of your own.
There are two types of image makers: Dress-up Maker and Random Maker.

Select the Dress-Up Maker and create your own image by choosing the parts you like.
Select the Random Maker and generate your image with luck! Don’t forget to check out fortune-telling games too.

What is the “Create” function?

Haven’t you ever looked at public image makers online and thought, “I also want to create an image maker with my images!
I have some ideas, but since I can’t program, it’s impossible….”
Well, we have good news!

Picrew can help you create your own image maker by simply uploading some images.

For more details, check out “Create your image maker” and “List of creator functions”.