I can’t upload Item Images on the Creator screen

If your Creator screen is not displayed or operated properly, it may be due to data loading problems.
Check out the following tips and see if they can help you.

What to do when certain images cannot be uploaded

Please try the following steps if you have trouble uploading certain images.

(1)Follow the instructions in the link below
   What to do when the Creator screen is not displayed or operated properly

(2)Export the image from illustration software and upload it again.
 (Export and save it as a separate file)

(3)Change the name of the image file and upload it again.

(4)Open the image on different illustration software (you do not have to edit the drawing), then export and upload it.

(5)Use an image compressor such as tinypng to compress the image before uploading it.

(6)Add some lines to the image by using colors with opacity set to 1%, then export and upload the image again.
*A slight change (1px) should improve the situation; however, if it doesn’t, try adding more lines or changing color.