Can I post the images generated from image makers on social media for illustrators?

Posting images as your main piece of work

We believe that social media for illustrators is a platform to post your own creations.
(From here on, we will call users who post images on social media for illustrators a “poster”)

Posting images from Picrew’s image makers as the main piece of work may mislead other social media users into believing that the poster holds the copyright of the images.
Therefore, we do not allow the images to be posted on social media for illustrators.
Posting Image Maker Details, such as the image maker’s name, the creator’s name, and the URL, is also forbidden.

Posting images as illustrations for novels, etc.

If it is apparent from other users that Picrew’s images aren’t the poster’s main work, using the images will not fall under the prohibited matters. For example, if the poster’s main work is a novel (the copyright belongs to the poster), the poster may use Picrew’s images as part of the novel’s illustrations.

However, please do check the Image Maker Details section carefully and follow the permitted uses.
Please also be careful not to mislead other users about the copyright ownership of the images.

If you are unsure whether the use is permitted or not, please refrain from using the images.

Posting on illustration SNS by the creators themselves

All copyrights below are reserved by the creators of the image makers.

  • Images submitted to Picrew
  • Images created by the image maker

Therefore, it is not prohibited for creators to use their own image makers to create images and post them on illustration social networking sites.
Please feel free to use the image makers as you wish, for example, to introduce them to others.