Cannot log in with email address and password

If you receive a “These credentials do not match our records.” message when logging in with your e-mail address, it is likely that one or both of the e-mail address and password you entered are incorrect.

Please check the following

email address

Please check the following before entering your e-mail address.

  • All characters must be one-byte.
  • No extra spaces, etc.
  • Must be an email address that is currently registered on your account
    • Picrew will send you an email when you register an account or change your email address. Please enter the address from which you received the email.
    • If you have not verified your email address when you register, your account is not registered.
    • If you did not verify your email address when you changed your email address, your email address has not been changed.

Password reset

If you have forgotten your login password, you can reset it from the “Forgot Password?”