Why can’t I log in with my email address/password?

If you see a message that says, “Either the information you have entered is incorrect or is not registered,” it is likely that you have entered the wrong email address or/and password.
Please refer to the following details.

Confirm your email address

Please check the following matters before entering your email address.

  • Use only half-width characters.
  • Omit any unnecessary spaces, etc.


  • Use the email address you have provided for registering your current account.
    • We will send you an email when you register an account or change your email address. Please enter the address from which you received the email.
    • If you did not authenticate your email address during your account registration process, your account will not be registered.
    • If you did not authenticate your email address when you have change changed your email address, your email address will not be registered.

Reset password

If you forgot your login password, go to the login page and click Forgot Password? to reset and create a new password.