The Play screen is taking too long to load and the site is not operating properly

If your Play screen takes too much time to load or the site is not operating properly, your content may have had uploading problems.
See if the following steps may help you resolve the problem.

(1) Use browsers such as chrome or safari instead of the in-app browser.
(2) If you are using private mode or incognito mode, exit the mode and view the site. (If you are using public mode, use the incognito mode to browse instead)
(3) If you are using a content blocker, turn it off and view the site.
(4) If you are connecting using a VPN or proxy, turn it off to view the site.
(5) Reload the browser several times.
(6) Close all browser tabs and restart your browser
(7) Clear the browser cache and delete cookies, and then reload the browser

[safari (iPhone)]

(8) Use a different browser (if you used safari, try the same operation with chrome, etc.)
(9) Review security software (Consider changing settings or using different security software, etc.)
(10) If, for example, a low-priced SIM is causing you trouble with slow communication speed, use Wi-Fi instead.
(11) Connect in a place with a good communication environment.
(12) Update your OS and browser to the latest version.
(13) Restart your device.
(14) Try the same operation on a different device or line.

If you still have trouble

If you have tried out all the steps above and still have problems, our entire site may be experiencing connection problems. Please refer to the following link for more information.
Site-Wide Errors

If deleting the cache several times doesn’t help either, the issue may be related to various factors such as connection speed and device specification.
Some issues may be hard to resolve. We appreciate your kind understanding in advance.